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Known for its scenic beauty, pleasant climate and tea plantations. Ooty attracts tourists from around the world.

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Family Room With Bunk Beds Facility

A family room is typically a casual and comfortable space in a home where family members gather to relax, play games or spend quality time together.

Container Room

Compact space yet a minimalist masterpiece. The rooms are a blend of modernist concrete walls with sun casts striking hues and shadows against the minimalist, furnishings and linens, creating an almost meditative vibe.

Based on 7 reviews
Philip Rajkumar
Philip Rajkumar
Only and only destination to experience Ooty
rachel cynthia
rachel cynthia
Surrounded with tea plantations and estates where you can click some amazing pictures and lot of green trees around which is soothing to eyes. Very calm and pleasant place yet very close to the main city. Safe place for families to stay. They don’t allow liquor/alcohol and cigarettes in the premises as their policy. There are caretakers to look after your every needs. WIFI is available. It doesn’t feel like staying in a hotel it feels like being at home. Must try.
Rani Benison
Rani Benison
Best and safe Place to stay in Ooty. Located on the main road still very peaceful and surrounded by greenery. Best place for family.
niraimathi jayakumar
niraimathi jayakumar
Surya Surya
Surya Surya
This is very wonderful place in Ooty.. Rooms are clean and good. Staff behavior is polite and service is very very good.. Me and my family enjoyed in this hotel.. Hotel out side lots ofbbeautiful visiting place..All places are very near, can go by walk also.. Must try this hotel. .

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 Free parking                                      Pet-friendly Room service                                    Smoke-free


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